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Located in the Ashland, Kentucky and Huntington, WV area.  We fly throughout the United States.

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Real Estate

Statistics show that real estate listings sell over 50% faster with aerial photos or videos.  Use our services and watch "SOLD" signs start popping up!

Industrial Inspections
Save time and cost utilizing drones for visual inspection applications.  Safety is improved and you will have a permanent visual record of the inspection.
Generate 3D maps of clients' homes & design landscaping without traveling to their property. Also let us create high definition video to showcase your work!
Thermal Imaging

Thermal videography can detect roof leaks, insulation inefficiencies, and even find lost animals on farmland.  The cost savings can be substantial.

Aerial photography can be used to accurately estimate soil volumes for excavation, generate topographic maps, monitor site progress, and manage assets. 
Emergency Services
Disaster management can be augmented with aerial surveillance.  Firefighters can assess burning structures with thermal imaging.  Law enforcement applications are broad as well.