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Located in the Ashland, Kentucky and Huntington, WV area.  We fly throughout the United States.

Real Estate

Industry Standard

Real Estate is a tough market.  Agents can tie up quite a bit of money in marketing...and unfortunately traditional forms of advertisement are becoming less and less effective in the digital age.  Aerial photography and videography are great ways to make your property stand out.  According to RISMedia's Housecall blog, MLS statistics indicate that home with aerial images can sell 68% faster than those with conventional photos.  According to Zillow, "drones are shaping up to be the next evolution in real estate marketing."

Ways to showcase your property with our services:​
  • exterior photos and videos 
  • complete home tour both inside and out
  • show property's proximity to desirable locations such as parks, hospitals and the local downtown area
  • emphasize features such as expansive lots, pools, gardens, etc.

Affordable & Customizable

Cloud Visual Solutions can provide a variety of options for any agent or home owner's budget.  We provide products from still aerial images all the way to complete home tours with professional voice over actors.  This type of advertisement will set your property apart and is far more engaging than traditional means of advertising.  


Also we have creative methods to share your property on social media!  We not only provide you with high quality imaging, we also help your video investment gain viewership...for free!   Click here to learn how we get exposure for your video.

Contact us today and find out how we can help your properties sell!  View our gallery page to see our high quality work!